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The Rise of Big Businesses : RAILROAD Industry

This post is regarding the exponential value the railroad industry played in the development of the American economy and most importantly, American business practices and ideologies: The Rise of Big Businesses starts off by describing the emergence of ‘managerial revolution’ after 1841 which resulted from a train clash incident earlier in Massachusetts. This led to the …

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Changes in English Agriculture

Before the Bills of Enclosure were passed by Parliament, agriculture in England existed in an “openfield system.” Under this system, even the poorest individuals were invested in the land that they worked. Farmers acquired small plots of land by purchase, by marriage, or by inheritance: though, everyone was permitted equal access to the common land, … Continue reading Changes in English Agriculture

My Commentary on W. David Lewis and Iron and Steel in America

(Iron and Steel in America: Early Foundations by W. David Lewis) Lewis argues in his article that the United States originally used minimal iron compared to Europe, but as colonialization increased in the colonies so to did iron requirements. Almost everything was made out of wood in the 1600s and 1700s. Boats, wagons, tools, homes, …

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The Commencement of Paper

An article by Erica AlvarezBefore the invention of paper, the people of China used bamboo, animal bones, and silk to write on for record keeping and other documentation needs. Bamboo and animal bones, though handy, proved heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Likewise, costly silk . Cai Lun invented paper in the Han Dynasty, China…

Changes in English Agriculture

When I think of Britain and the industrial revolution, I think of the beginning of technology. Technological advancements that would pave the way to a world we could have never imagined. After reading this article written by E. R. Chamberlin, The Awakening Giant: Britain in the Industrial Revolution (London:B. T. Batsford Ltd., 1976), pp. 40-44, …

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The Textile Industry in the Industrial Revolution

The United States was behind Great Britain in their industrial revolution for multiple reasons. However, one of the main reasons was because of Great Britain’s restriction of their ideas. The people there were the first to implement many ideas into their technologies, and they held onto them for as long as they could. Great Britain …

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The Rise of Coal Technology

John R. Harris’s article The Rise of Coal Technology  highlights the technological developments associated with coal and provides the reader with a historical timeline of the inventions and industries which are bound to this significant development.  Interestingly, Harris notes that inventions of the late 18th century came about from earlier developments, less known or historically …

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