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“Mining and the Metallurgical Industries in the Middle Ages” A summary of the Hodgett Article. As described in the title Hodgett described the process of mining and the use of metallurgy during the middle ages in Europe. During medieval times, the people of Europe were mining for metals such as silver, copper, lead, iron, and sometimes gold. During the middle ages, the population increased and the need for certain resources increased. These resources were found and mined in several different places all over Europe. The abundance of the metals needed changed from place to place, for example; some places had more tin than some places, and some places had more silver than other places.  There were miners in several places in Europe, people were encouraged to be miners because of the discovery of plentiful amounts of ore found in Europe. Iron became the most mined metal and the international trade of iron was developed as the need for metals rose. Metallurgy became popular when cast iron was made possible when the blast furnace was invented at the end of the Middle Ages and could melt a lot of iron. All these technological advancements in Hungary, Germany, Bohemia, England, and Spain were used for weapons such as cannons, armor, and silver was used for money.

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The related article I’ve included at the bottom of this summary describes technology in Europe during the Middle Ages. One of the medieval technologies included in the article are agricultural tools, this included a new and improved version of the plow which was originally invented several decades prior, and the harness of a horse. With these inventions farming and agriculture was made much easier and faster. The development of clocks, the growth of industries, and new building styles were all more technological advances in the Middle Ages of Europe as well. The article also talks about mining and iron which related to the Hodgett article. Both authors wrote that iron was one of the most important developments during this time.


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“Plan of mines in Banská Štiavnica in Slovakia(1726) by Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli, an illustration of mining in the pre-modern era.”


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