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Comment on “How the Iron Age Began” Robert Maddin by Kailey Deane


Your blog post is a good read and offers much insight into an “advantage versus disadvantage” standpoint. The Maddin article also highlights on the theory that many discoveries involving the production of iron, including steeling and quenching, were accidental. I found this particularly interesting, as it further suggests that scientific knowledge does not always precede technology. I would have liked to have seen more emphasis on this aspect, as I feel that it is relevant.

Kailey Deane

Comment on “How the Iron Age Began” Robert Maddin by Jared Cochran

Quinn, I really think that you summed up the article very well and in a way where someone who has no background on this subject would be able to sit down and read it easily. I also liked how you added the extra links on creating steel. This was not in the article but I’m just curious if you have any previous knowledge on it, but everyone knows about the Greek Bronze Age but were there any other civilizations that had something similar to it or used bronze to the caliber that the Greeks did? Overall though, very well written summary.

Jared Cochran

Comment on “How the Iron Age Began” Robert Maddin by blogrh

I found your post easy to follow and think it provided a great recap of the article, and the associated links you included were helpful. I am glad you chose to include a reference to the Mayan corn god “One Maize”; as I was reading the article, I found this story particularly interesting! I did a quick search and found a site (link included at the end of my reply) that elaborates on the god’s story and reinforces the link you emphasize between culture or religion and agriculture. It also introduces a new angle, suggesting that the story of the corn god was also employed to help Mayans understand the human life cycle. Clearly, agriculture permeated all aspects of Mesoamerican society.
Mary Irwin

Pottery in Antiquity–Mary Irwin

Cristian Violatti gives a brief background on the history of pottery and then elaborates on the technological advances associated with pottery making throughout early history in his article Pottery in Antiquity. He also details mechanisms archaeologists utilize to date pottery and archaeological sites. Pottery was developed in different locations at different times, which Violatti attributes to the…

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