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Response to Bill

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Bill, I think you are asking good questions and making good points.  I too pondered what certain species would be like if they were subject to the changes that domestication would undoubtedly cause.   Domestication would certainly preserve a species but the effects are completely unknown.  Like your silk worm example, we have no way of […]

Response to Connor

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Connor, You are right about the huge amount of information provided by these assignments.  I was very surprised by the number of animals that are domesticated as well.  Is this value so low because we are unable to domesticate other animals, or do they not provide enough benefit for the effort?  I understand why it […]

Domestication and Evolution

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As I delved into the assigned readings and video, I found that many questions I had formed while attaining to one would later be answered by another.  Relationships between assignments started becoming apparent so I tried to hone in on a central theme besides the obvious common topic of domestication.  I became increasingly interested in […]