Can technology help mindful thinking?

In “The power of mindful learning”, Langer mentioned over-learned skills and pointed out that practices doesn’t permit learning. In her opinion, a textbook helps student learn mindfully by changing its word expression simply. She claims that a mindful text should not use absolute terms but more conditional meaning. According to her experiment, this way can help students thinking more creatively.

I think this fact is interesting, small changes of old text book and conditional expression can improve teaching quality easily. Moreover, during our discussion on class, most people agree that we should “teach a man to fish”, we hope student know how to learning, not only get knowledge from their teachers.

I haven’t finished reading this book “The power of mindful learning” yet, but psychology seems work well, small changes lead to big improvement. It looks like new technologies which can improve learning mechanism. However, does technology help mindful learning?

I don’t know this answer, but I am doubt of it. We tend to search everything on Google and wiki nowadays. Will it limit our view? Is it possible that we spend too much time to deal with new information and new technologies, but less time for thinking? How could we get a balance between technologies, new information and independent thinking?

People have their own opinions. Some people claims that people communicate through the internet and join group or forum, so their independent thinking will be impacted by their groups .[1]UCLA ‘s professor pointed out that although visual media help students deal with information, reading and vocabulary can develop critical thinking for children.[2] A K–12 computer teacher suggests that with technology, students can get information all easily from internet and databases , write longer papers. Technologies make work easy and quick, but without much thinking.[3]

Maybe psychology and human ethology will answer these questions. For me, I will be careful to keep a balance between technology, learning and life. To a certain extent, new technologies like new drug, they should be tested before they enter into market.




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