I’m a PhD Candidate in the Higher Education Program at Virginia Tech. I’m currently serving as a Graduate Assistant at the Student Success Center at Virginia Tech.  I was born and raised in Pakistan. Prior to starting her PhD at Virginia Tech, I worked at Duke University as a Residence Coordinator and an Academic Advisor. I got my Masters degree in Higher Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree in, Communications from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

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  1. agario

    or half full?
    I am sure that everyone reading this has heard the question “is the glass half empty or is it half full?” Unfortunately, it seems that these days most of us are seeing more situations from a glass half empty perspective. And I get it – I am there with you all in feeling that way. Our government is a mess. Our current administration is taking away much of the progress we have made as a country in regards to diversity and inclusion and is sending us back several de


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