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The commitment to blogging

The commitment to blogging
This is my first blog after half through my class. I feel really bad. I know the blog is not a dairy but I need to start with my feeling now. I try to think why I keep avoid posting blog and twitting for class. Here are my excuses. I read assignments the day before the class. Honestly it is too much for me. I do read the contents and think ab [...]

Voices From The Past Reflecting On Th...

Voices From The Past Reflecting On The Future (Number 4): Dorothy Sinclair, Reference & Automation
I’m interested in the impact of automation on libraries. It makes sense to look at the topic from the collections lens, but I’m really fascinated by the service perspective. In the 1960’s we have Licklider talking about an Intergalactic Network of Computers and an electronic commons open to all. He gives The Mother of All Demos showing video [...]

Curating Learning Experiences: A Fut...

Curating Learning Experiences:  A Future Role For Librarians?
A few weeks ago I purchased a premium WordPress theme for my campus. This isn’t something I typically do, but it fit nicely with an initiative I am building around supporting new types of learning interactions.   A professor I’m working with uses blogs in her courses but wanted to push the experience further. I’m hearing this more often [...]

I’ve moved!

I’ve moved!
I used this blog to write about our readings for the New Media Faculty–Staff Seminar during Fall 2012, but I have since moved the posts to my personal website. Thanks!

Comics and the Simulation of Any Medi...

Comics and the Simulation of Any Media
Bill McCloud’s Understanding Comics should be assigned in high school English courses. It’s the kind of book that doesn’t offer revolutionary insight so much as a set of techniques for interpreting “graphic novels” and for developing the working knowledge to make them. Three not so quick thoughts: (1) Encountere [...]

“Video Games and Computer Holding Pow...

“Video Games and Computer Holding Power” by Sherry Turkle
I’m always glad to read Sherry Turkle, though admittedly, this week’s reading (a chapter from her 1984 book The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit, entitled “Video Games and Computer Holding Power”) felt less compelling to me than parts I’ve read of her other books—Alone Together and Life on the Screen.  This is mainly because video [...]

By the way, Ivan Illich

By the way, Ivan Illich
Great NMFS seminar meeting two weeks ago. Subject: Ivan Illich. Leader, Linda Tegarden, a prof from the Business School. Her disciplinary perspective helped us think about Illich in light of the very disruptive moment higher ed’s business model is facing just now. “Business model,” of course, signifies a lot more than it se [...]

More insights into an integrated doma...

More insights into an integrated domain
I have been having some difficulty blogging lately. The reasons are numerous, though the biggest reasons are perhaps no more than four or five in number–but they’re been unusually intense. I say this by way of apology to my readers, with the evident optimism that comes from the plural. (As the kids would say, or text, “haha. [...]

On Deschooling Society (Chapter 7) by...

On Deschooling Society (Chapter 7) by Ivan Illich
It’s hard not to read this chapter, entitled “Learning Webs” (by Ivan Illich), in our current political climate, as anything other than a libertarian battle cry for the dismantling of public schools.  In this piece, he begins by arguing that people learn the most outside school environments, from life experience and happenstance.  [...]

Are you the process or the product: r...

Are you the process or the product: reflecting on Siva & Gardner
Last week I heard Siva Vaidhyanathan speak about the googleization of everything. This post isn’t really about that. While I think he’s a great presenter and a fine writer  — we live on different ends of the spectrum: he fears Google, I love Google. When I read his book last Spring I found myself disagreeing with him page after pa [...]