Round and Round We Go, Where it Stops, No One Knows

As I sat in my room reading Laurel’s two pieces, I felt the pages of the book, saw the ink and the words, listened to music, and interpreted all of those words into ideas and thoughts. I thus, became an agent in this small plot. Because I had done all of the above, I was then able to form ideas and start this blog. (Which would contribute to the overall character, along with many other predetermined traits.)

Seems recursive to me.

I really liked this piece because in the time that it took for me to read the pages I was able to apply all of the six elements to that time that I had spent reading, even if it was not quite in the same way and projection that Laurel talks about.

All six of those elements are so common in our lives that it seems hard (especially after having it pointed out to me) to not notice them happening all of the time.

It would only make sense that the next step with such constant elements would be to extend them into our digital world. We have been trying to develop the earliest stages of these elements in it for a while now. I remember going to 4D movies at amusement parks, and everyone always got so much joy out of it because the feel sense was added. It’s hard to say how far we will go with it.

I find it really interesting, but also overwhelming, looking at that last line. It’s like a real world Mary Poppins bag. Not only can we have access to basically anything that we want, but we can also create¬†anything. We would be able to fabricate sensory responses, which in itself is huge. It’s just so unclear where it will lead.

What will we do when the apple starts falling back to us?

One thought on “Round and Round We Go, Where it Stops, No One Knows

  1. There is a really disturbing quality to that hand. It turns over normally once and then just morphs into its previous state… very creepy. I wonder if the next stage of this evolution will actually be neural integration where I could actually feel like I was the character in a story or game and experience cold, hot, fear, pain, etc. In a sense that would be an achievement of invincibility in a certain sense.

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