SpicyNodes is a site where people can go to create thought-maps on historical topics, books, experiments, and biographies. Any topic that someone could think of to make a node about is free game. The SpicyNodes site describes the concept of the thought-map like a tree. The tree trunk is the main idea that everything connects to and branches off of. The branches hold the subcategories of the main idea. Off of the subcategories, each bubble, or “node,” gets more and more specific in the information that it holds. Each node in the thought-map hold an idea or a piece of information.

SpicyNodes Introduction Tree
Each “node” of the thinking tree has more specific nodes connected to it. These appear when the node is clicked and expands.

The visual impact that the thought-maps have on people can be the deciding factor if a visitor to a website decides to stay on that page or not. The visitor to the thought-map ultimately hold the power when it comes to exploring information since they can decide which nodes they want to click on and expand. Someone could only need one fact that can easily be found by going deeper and deeper into one specific category, or they could choose to explore the whole map to get an overall idea.

When users are ready to sign-up on SpicyNodes they name their thought-map, the style and theme they want it to appear as, and they name and fill their nodes in. The website makes it very simple and easy for users to create nodes for any of their needs whether they be recreational, education, or for businesses.