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computers, games, computer games, and th...

computers, games, computer games, and the future

Humans play, explore, learn/teach, create, bond with other individuals, become part of a social structure. Computers help us play and are becoming the primary distributor of entertainment. It has changes what we mean by playing and what we expect from our entertainment. We are learning differently and trying different teaching techniques because of the availability […]

Multi-dimensional multi-scale visualizat...

Multi-dimensional multi-scale visualization of information

It is strange how most of the articles we are reading are about the non-computational part of the computer. The focus is still on the non-human part of the computer but more on the non-physical part and on the ability of computer to so something humans can’t do on their own or with other tools. […]

BEEP beep!

BEEP beep!

This is my second attempt at writing a blog. The first one was probably ten years back and it fizzled out after 2-3 posts.