For this year’s conference, you may submit proposals for poster sessions, roundtables, and oral presentations, each offering a chance to develop your research and receive feedback from your peers.

Poster Sessions

Posters are detailed displays (24″ by 48″) that summarize research, practice, or methodologies and include a summary of the purpose, methods, results, discussion, and any referenced literature or related diagrams and graphics. Non-research posters can present theoretical concepts or proposed clinical or pedagogical interventions or techniques.

Sessions are 1 hour with the presenter(s) at the poster the entire time. During that time, students and faculty will review the posters and ask questions of the presenters. It’s a great way to find future collaborators and receive feedback on your work.


Roundtables consist of a moderator who presents an overview of a topic and facilitates discussion with participants. Roundtables are a great opportunity to present research that is currently in progress or about to begin. After a brief presentation (about 5 minutes), students and faculty will provide feedback and ideas for the continuation of the research. Ideally presenters have a list of questions or areas that would like feedback.

Oral Presentations

The oral presentation is an opportunity to present a research project that is largely completed. The presenter will have approximately 15-20 minutes to present their research and 10-15 minutes for feedback, questions, or an interactive component. Presentations may utilize PowerPoint or other presentation software.


Professional Development

An integral component on the Southeastern Symposium is professional development. Throughout the conference, we will be hosting a variety of interest group meetings so that students with similar research interests have an opportunity to meet and develop the potential for collaboration.

We will also be providing a space for students to practice job talks and get feedback from peers and faculty who have experience serving on search committees. Further, we well provide opportunities for students to develop their CVs and other professional portfolios.

You may indicate your preferences for participation in interest groups and job talks on the registration form. More information about CV and e-portfolio workshops to come.

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