FAQs: Master Gardener College

When should I register for College?

In order to ensure you get all the classes you want, you should register as soon as registration opens! Watch your email for a notification of the date that registration will open.

How much does Master Gardener College cost?

The cost to attend Master Gardener College varies depending on the year and your housing preferences. The State Coordinator’s Office runs Master Gardener College as a break-even event. When held off campus, expect the total cost to attend College to be more than when the event is held on campus.

What is Steward Training?

Each College one of our three advanced training classes is offered to EMGs. Steward training begins at EMG college and your remaining requirements for certification are completed at your home unit.

Does College count for continuing education?

College provides around 20 hours of continuing education.

College 2018 Promo Video