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Through a partnership between the Nelson County Library and the Nelson Master Gardeners, Clover buds and current homeschooled preschoolers got the opportunity to learn at the Nelson Center’s demonstration garden. The Master Gardeners rented and read books they got from the library. Olivia Ellis showed a picture of a spiderwort to the clover buds and many were able to find them in the garden including Elijah, pictured in the first 3 photos. The preschoolers are very grateful for the hands on science curriculum, which is hard to come by in many home schooling programs. The Nelson County demonstration garden is open to all home schooled students every single day of the week! This is a wonderful program, which allows for educational opportunities for all ages and shows how community sharing and growing aids in the development of young minds.

Master Gardeners of Nelson County Virginia
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Take a look at the hand painted, engaging Mailbox Information center at the Poquoson Learning Garden!

The Information Center consists of nine mailboxes that will be used to post information about the Garden and the Museum. Carol-Marie Kiernan hand painted each of the boxes with designs representative of the information that will be available inside. The temporary identification signs of the front of each box will be replaced with permanent signs in a few weeks. The Center consists of two rows of boxes. The boxes on the top row, left to right, will contain information on the: Poquoson Learning Garden, Raised Bed & Adaptive Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Straw Bales, and the Poquoson Museum. The boxes on the bottom row, left to right, will contain information on: Native Plants, Cooperative Extension Information, Butterflies, Birds & Pollinators, and Bees.
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