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To-Do List When Visiting the South Pole: 1. Dress warmly ✔︎ 2. Represent Hokie Nation ✔︎ Physics major Ted Goyal spent about six months working in Antarctica as a science support contractor. Thanks for the picture, Ted!

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A group of 13 Norfolk Master Gardeners went out to the city of Norfolk’s nursery to plant 512 Red Buckeye (Aesulus Pavila) that had been planted in-ground. This is a native tree for zone 6-9 that is an ornamental planted for its visual interest and beauty. It grows to a height and spread that are each 10-20’. It is slow growing at the rate of 12-24” a year. It requires full sun to partial shade with four hours of direct unfiltered sunlight. The soil should be acid, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, silty loam that is well-drained. It has an oval shaped growth with red blossoms that bloom April-May and are arranged i n erect clusters or panicles 4-5 ” high. Leaves fall by late September. Its fruit or seed is 1 1/2-2” in diameter and contains 1-3 seeds. This tree can be grown multi-trunked, single-trunked or as a shrub according to the pruning method used. The Red Buckeye attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Squirrels sometimes eat the fruit. The tree gets its name from the whitish scar found on each brown seed that gives it the appearance of a deer’s eye. Thanks to Bob Hudson and Rose Muza for the Tree Stewards partnership which included Joey Rothgerry, ZIggy Ziegler, Harriette Frost, Kay Brown & Linda Ahlgrim. For Marcia Oubre who has been faithful to this project. And for Evvie Adkisson’s and Diane Flemings return. Also for Bill Gerhardt, Larry Passwater and Dan Haywood as first timers. Mark Hoar took some of the volunteers to look at the Japanese maples that they potted up last year. They are slow growing; but they looked pretty in their pots. The job was completed in two hours!!!

Good Job Norfolk Master Gardeners!
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