Information for Prospective Users

Information for Prospective Users:  LWA1 observing time is available to the astronomy community on an “open skies” basis. If you’d like to propose an observing project, here’s what we suggest:

  1. If you have an urgent observing request (for example, to observe a time-sensitive astrophysical transient), contact Greg Taylor, Steve Ellingson, or Namir Kassim, who can authorize immediate observations under appropriate circumstances.
  2. For a crash course in what LWA1 is and what it can do, we suggest LWA Memos 186 and 185.  For more details, skim this web site and in particular the documents suggested in the Bibliography.
  3. A decent primer on observing procedure from a user perspective is “How to Observe with LWA1“.
  4. Consider whether your interests might be best served by throwing in with one of the existing projects.
  5. See the current Call for Proposals (CFP).
  6. Look over the most recent version of LWA Memo 177, which describes how data is distributed to users. (Note there may be some revisions pending; contact authors for details.)
  7. Familiarize yourself with the RFI situation and and any technical issues that might affect your observing.
  8. Consider familiarizing yourself with UNM’s LSL software for observation definition and data reduction. LSL is not necessary for submitting proposals or working with the data you get back, but you may find it useful if you are new to the instrument and like Python.
  9. If you have questions about preparing an observing proposal, see if one of these points of contact can help.

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