Points of Contact

Points of Contact for the LWA1 Radio Observatory

  • Greg Taylor (UNM) is the Director.
  • Steve Ellingson (VT) is the Associate Director and Technical Director, and can answer questions about system design, capabilities, observing modes, calibration techniques, instrument control, the observation control system, and RFI.
  • Namir Kassim (NRL) is the Chief Scientist and facilitator of scientific collaborations.
  • Trish Henning (UNM) is Head of User Programs.
  • Joe Craig (UNM) is Head of Operations at the site. If it’s inside the station perimeter fence, then he either designed it, installed it, or has fixed it.
  • Jayce Dowell (UNM) is the primary developer of the LWA Software Library (LSL).
  • Chris Wolfe (VT) designed LWA1’s data recording system, and can answer questions about the data recorders, how to build your own data recorder storage units (DRSUs), data formats, etc.

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