It Really is a Small World After All

I just can’t resist sharing the craziest thing that happened during our city tour of Stockholm this morning. First though, I should point out that Stockholm is beautiful and I wish we had more time to explore. The viking ship museum was awesome! Ok, not on to my reason for this blog post…the tour guide spent one year as an exchange student in America, in my hometown of Westminster, MD, at my high school! Is that nuts?!?! How random. We weren’t in school at the same time but he rand cross country and sang in chorus and although I didn’t do those activities, I knew who the coach and teacher was. He also remarked on how much he learned from that school and that he thought the teachers were really, really good. He seemed pleasantly surprised that he got so much out of a year in a public school. It’s always nice to hear something good about your hometown as everyone has hometown and school pride. I just never thought it would be from a tour guide in Stockholm. Funny how that happens.


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