University data

Getting started

You have access to your own personal data through My VT ( You can see and manage email aliases, passwords, and employment information, along with your address and the visibility of your information on the VT Search tool (

If your job requires access to other people’s information, your responsibilities include respecting the confidentiality of those people and compliance with laws and regulations, including the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act. Access to Banner is initiated by the request form.

More information

Many jobs require review and/or analysis of standard reports from enterprise administrative systems. From, find “Banner/Warehouse,” then “Banner Reporting Tools.”

What university information should—and should not—be “in the cloud”? First ask if Virginia Tech has an approved contract with this provider? If not, refrain from using it.

Contracted providers are acceptable for ordinary university business. Acceptable for most business uses are:

  • VT Google Apps for Education;
  • Office 365, including SharePoint Online.

Do NOT put Social Security numbers, credit/debit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, or passport numbers in these collaboration and storage services. Also prohibited is export-controlled information ( See or any protected health information covered by HIPAA.

Storage and hosting of geographic information system data is supported by Enterprise GIS for both academic and administrative use. Training is available to lower barriers to entry to the use of GIS tools and analysis. See

For information technology professionals

If you are establishing a new service or purchasing software that will use university data, consult the listing of data stewards to be sure you have proper authorization for the planned use of the data. “Standard for administrative data management.”

Identity Finder is software that searches for social security numbers, credit card numbers, and a variety of other data elements. Faculty and staff members can use it to find sensitive data on their Virginia Tech owned machines and storage. Get the software from the Software Distribution Office.  Identity Finder DLP Console is available for central management and reporting in a department, college, or work group. Contact the IT Security Office at for more information.

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