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Getting started

To get started with high performance computing systems, review the checklist. The checklist begins with a review of resources in order to match needs and capabilities. Current high performance resources include BlueRidge, HokieSpeed, HokieOne, and Ithaca. To request a consultation or to engage with the research computing team, follow

New for Fall 2015

NewRiver is the newest high performance computing cluster. The heterogeneous cluster will serve a broader, more diverse set of applications provided by its five compute engines. One is targeted to scalable, distributed workloads; another to “big data” and data analytics; one to GPU code acceleration and data visualization; another to very large data sets and graph analytics; and another for interactive jobs and rapid development. Compute resources are connected through a high-speed network fabric with nearly three times the bandwidth of previous ARC clusters. NewRiver also represents a step forward in energy efficiency, with more than double the computational capacity per watt of the previous HPC acquisition, BlueRidge. In addition, a new general parallel file system with usable capacity of 2.25 petabytes of storage will serve all ARC clusters. The storage is connected through ARC’s new 40 Gbps ethernet core network.

More information

Discovery Commons is the research repository initiative. The repository is built on VITAL, a digital asset management product from Visionary Technology in Library Solutions (VTLS). Digitization, surrogate preparation, and quality control of repository contents is carried out by the staff for faculty members whose submitted proposals are accepted for project support.

Find individual grant information through My VT’s “Research” tab, including grant financial reporting

Look for research topics at Networked Learning Initiatives workshops.

For information technology professionals

To support your department’s research collaboration at a distance, see tools from Google Drive, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, and WebEx.

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