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iPad HandIt was only hours before the “New iPad” had virtually replaced my hand.  I now have no need for the “real hand” because my iPad Hand can do anything imaginable – and more!  This new hand will help me think things I never thought possible, take me places that weren’t previously places, and provide me with years (at least until the upgraded version comes out that I can wear like a glove) of distraction.  Depending on my frame of mind, frame of reference, picture frame, bowling frame, or if I just get framed – I might forget what the old hand was good for.  I believe my new frame – I mean hand – has taken the place of Scott McCloud‘s frame.  Mine will not tease you, taunt you, challenge you, and make you guess how many circles, gears, and frames there are.  Instead, my frame (there I go again), will tell me everything in living, moving, color.  Besides, my new hand can easily transform into a calculator, a phone, a camera (still and motion), a chessboard, a book shelf – hell, the whole damn library.  It just can’t get any better than that.

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  1. Just now finding this post–and I love it. Works on many levels and is also deeply witty. Fantastic! Now I have blog brain, Sanchez-style. What’s not to like about that?


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