Can You Imagine?

Hard to imagine watching Doug Englebart in 1968 talking about what we consider to be so basic and taken for granted. See:  I have to stop and wonder what human/computer relations will be 20, 30, 40, or more years into the future.  Designing an external intelligence that is very mechanical – display, mouse, chord keyset, etc. will likely be replaced by something internal and biological.  But how?  What could it be?

A first step will be something like this “thought-controlled” Siri application:  Just as with voice activation, the interface involves training to recognize prompts and converting them to machine readable commands.  The headsets seem a bit awkward presently, but I’m sure they will shrink and disappear by being affixed to the skin (or embedded underneath).  Better than having to ‘clap on’ and ‘clap off’ the lights.







Not so stylish now, but you know that will certainly change.  Just think how much work you can get done in a meeting since you won’t have to talk or type to compose or communicate.  You’ll look like you’re actually paying attention.  So what will be the advantage?  Seems simple enough, just think of commands or statements and they will be executed the same way keystrokes or mouse clicks are today.  So efficient! (slight sarcasm).  But what happens if I fall asleep with it on and it streams some of my very strange dreams into text or audio?  Just don’t fall asleep with it on if you don’t want to be found out.

Just when we got kids off the couch with Kinect, they’ll be back on their butts with some new headgear.  What happens if the communications is reversed?  And the applications for surveillance, control and interrogation, a la MK-ULTRA? Hmm…  I’m going to stop thinking about it now just in case I’ve already been implanted with one of these things.



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