The “Dr. Rich” Cap & Gown Program

Are you graduating this spring? Does the daunting prospect of purchasing a cap and gown make you want to skip your graduation ceremony?

Never fear: the Graduate Student Assembly’s “Dr. Rich” Cap and Gown Program will loan a limited number of graduation gowns and caps to graduate students participating in Spring 2017 graduation ceremonies. Go to that graduation ceremony and bask in the glory of your accomplishments!

This borrowing program is free and only provides a gown and (one size fits all) cap. The hood and tassel are NOT provided by GSA and should be purchased by the student. As this is a free loan program, students will be held fully responsible for returning the gown and cap in fair condition to the GSA. Please keep in mind that these caps and gowns may have been used in previous years, but have been cleaned prior to hand out.

We’ll be announcing important Cap & Gown dates in the near future, so stay tuned!

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