GRDP Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is eligible for GRDP funding?

All graduate students in Virginia Tech who are enrolled full time and were not granted GRDP award in the previous cycle within the same academic year are eligible to apply.

2. Can the GRDP fund be used to conduct research somewhere else?

NO, research must be conducted at Virginia Tech.

3. Can the GRDP fund be used to attend conference?

NO, please apply to the Travel Fund Program (TFP) for conference purpose.

4. What do I need to submit for the GRDP application?

You need to fill out a registration form (See “Register” Tab). You also need to submit a completed application form (and if necessary another supporting document). Finally, you need your Adviser’s Digital signature to validate your Application Form. The Signed Application Form (PDF format) must be submitted through the VT Scholar site.

5. Where can I find the application form?

The GRDP application form can be downloaded from this website under “Apply” tab.

6. Can I submit the application through Email?

No. Submissions through email will be accepted. All applications have to be submitted through the VT Scholar site. No applications will be considered if submitted otherwise.

7. Is there a requirement that my files be named?

YES. Your application form should be named as “PID_Department.pdf” with your pid replacing “PID”, and your department name replacing “Department” (e.g., “mary_CS.pdf”). The supporting file should be named as “PID_Department_2.pdf”.

8. Do you accept file type other than .pdf

NO. Only .pdf files will be accepted.

9. How do I upload my application in the drop box?

See “Apply” tab.

10. Can I make changes to my submitted applications?

You can upload your application as many times before the application deadline. Please note, any changes made in the submitted application after the deadline date will result in subsequent disqualification of your application.

11. How do I know the current status of the application process?

The status of each individual application will not be revealed until the final decision is made. Please check the “Announcements” on Scholar site for the general evaluation process.

12. How do I collect the fund if my application is accepted?

See Reimbursements