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Meet the 2016-2017 GSA Executive Board


President: Chelsea Corkins
Vice President: Brett Netto 
Dir. Finance: Omchand Mahdu 
Dir. Programs: Alex Hyler (not pictured)
Dir. Events: Kisha Gresham (not pictured)
Dir. Communications: Samantha Fried
BoV Rep: Tara Reel 

Terms for Executive Board members (excluding BoV Rep which begins in July) begin June 1, 2016…

And so, farewell and best wishes to 2015-2016 GSA Executive Board


Matt Chan (President), Tara Reel (Vice President), Richard Rodrigues (Dir. Finance), Chelsea Corkins (Dir. Programs/Events), Emma Potter (Dir. Communications), and Mohammed Seyam (BoV Rep)

Quiet study spaces for exams all across campus

Division of Student Affairs and other partners are working to create quiet study spaces across campus for students to use. In addition, a number of stress relief activities are scheduled to help students relax during the push to the finish line.

Graduate Student Grading Spaces

Need a place to study? Check out the following resources:

Graduate Study Room (Newman, 4th Floor)

Secret Study Spots at Virginia Tech (updated Spring 2015)


The Blacksburg Spring 2016 Graduate Commencement Ceremony procession will begin at 2:30 pm on Thursday, May 12, 2016 in Cassell Coliseum. 

See more at


Need more information about graduation? Get all your questions answered here:

Navigating Schiffert Health Center
in the Summer:
Information for Graduate Students

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Best Wishes: Summer Teaching!

Best wishes to all graduate students who are involved in summer teaching during Summer Session I and/or Summer Session II! You keep the university running during the summer. Check out some tips regarding the use of CANVAS, SPOT evaluations, and for managing a class online.

For Instructors

And, if you’ve managed to read through the announcements, thanks for reading. – Emma Potter, Director of Communications