Week of 10.5.15


You’re invited to join Vice President for Student Affairs Patty Perillo and affiliated faculty for an undergraduate student input session (graduate students encouraged to attend!) centered on Envisioning Virginia Tech: Beyond Boundaries.

President Sands launched this university-wide visioning initiative in pursuit of two goals:

  1. to advance as a global land-grant university, and
  2. to navigate the changing landscape of higher education.

The project focuses on themes including preparing students, the campus of the future, new funding models, and the global land-grant. Student participants will organize in small discussions to address questions central to understanding Virginia Tech’s future. Student members of the Beyond Boundaries committees will facilitate small group discussion. President Sands and Provost Rikakis will be in attendance, and your participation is essential to the process!

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: Owens Banquet Room

Graduate students encouraged to attend! Sign up to participate in this event by going to GobblerConnect.  You can RSVP at

Note: Registration is limited. Pizza will be provided.

Until then, participate online through the website and on Twitter @VTBeyond

GLC 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

You are cordially invited to the

 10th Anniversary Celebration

of the opening of the Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown 

Friday, October 23, 2015

3:30-5:00pm in the GLC Multipurpose Room 

Events include:

  • ***Display depicting the history and achievements of our first ten years***
  • ***Community art project***
  • ***Cake and refreshments***
  • ***Short program at about 4:00pm***

Please RSVP by October 19, 2015 to grads@vt.edu 

Join us to celebrate and don’t forget, the GSA Beer and Wine Social will follow!

VOTING ITEMS: Next Assembly Meeting

Attention Delegates! The next GSA General Assembly meeting will include several new agenda items, and there will be a couple of major voting items for the Assembly to consider.

Over the next two weeks, the GSA Executive Board will email delegates with more information in the weekly announcements and separate announcements providing some background to delegates. We want you to feel informed as we move towards an Assembly decision. The topic on which we may bring to a vote at the next meeting has important implications for graduate students, undergraduate students, and student governance. Please take time to read over the materials we will provide in the next two weeks.

For Review: Parking and Transportation

The university is looking at how campus planning can accommodate the parking and transportation demand to include cars, transit, pedestrians and bikes over the next ten years.

Community feedback is strongly encouraged. To share your thoughts and opinions, use:

The Office of University Planning has hired Vanasse Hangen Brustlin (VHB) to develop a master plan that looks at the university’s needs in 2025.  The project is expected to wrap up in spring 2016, with the publication of a plan that addresses traffic service and parking conditions and recommends a phased approach for establishing a campus that fully integrates and accommodates the needs of vehicular, pedestrian, transit and bicycle traffic.

For more information, contact Steve Mouras at 540-231-7912 orstmouras@vt.edu


First, apologies for the “click bait” and second, we need your input! We are dedicated to providing delegates with dinner at the Thursday Assembly Meetings as a way to thank you for your time and commitment to the GSA. But with that being said – we know that having pizza and sandwiches on a regular basis can leave a bad taste in your mouth. At our first delegate meeting, we provided Hethwood BBQ. Last year we had pizza, PKs, Zeppoli’s, Moe’s, and other varieties of food!

Please provide feedback on the food AND ideas and suggestions for FUTURE meetings at the link below:

I want to give my opinion about GSA food.

The survey will be open until October 18th and our next delegate meeting is October 22nd!


Thank you, Jaime Williams

This summer, GSA began working closely with our student organization Faculty Advisor, Jaime Williams. We are lucky to have worked with her over the summer and are proud to announce Jaime has accepted the Assessment Coordinator in the Office of Assessment and Evaluation here at Virginia Tech. In this position she will help revamp the University’s course evaluation process as we transition from Scholar and will be part of a team that assists University academic departments with their assessment planning and continuous improvement efforts. Her last day in her current role will be Friday, October 9th.

We have been speedily working on a transition plan so that SGA and GSA will continue to have support after Jaime leaves her current position. In the interim, Joe Edens, a recent graduate of the Higher Education program here at Virginia Tech. Joe will fill Jaime’s position temporarily until the end of May 2016. A formal search process will begin in the spring semester for her permanent replacement. We feel confident Joe will be able to provide high quality support and advisement to GSA. He will begin this position, today — Monday, October 5th. Welcome!

GSA 101

As a student organization, GSA is operated on Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure. Robert’s Rules make up many parts of GSA’s meetings including but not limited to the agenda, call to order, putting forth motions, amendments, voting, and adjournment. We realize that this process may be new, seemingly outdated to some, and frustrating to others. So we wanted to get everyone up to speed on Robert’s Rules in order to help prepare you for the next General Assembly Meeting.

The Basics:
There are four major “motions” we use in GSA.
  1. Main Motion (“I move that…”)
    • Making a motion can be thought of as “asking permission” to do something
      • Example: “I move that we extend the GSA meeting time to 7:30 pm”
    • The purpose of making a main motion is to take action on something
  2. Amending
    • Alters a main motion (see above)
      • Example; “I move to amend the motion that we extend the meeting to 7:22 pm”
    • The purpose is to add to, subtract, revise, or change the main motion before deciding the vote on the main motion
    • Voting on amendments is SEPARTE from voting on the main motion
  3. Amending an Amendment
    • Alters the amendment
      • Example: “I move to amend the amendment to extend the meeting time to 7:15 pm”
  4. Voting
    • Voting can take many forms (voice, roll call, general consent, ballot), but generally we rely on voice voting in our meetings

Too Long, Didn’t Read? Watch a quick video!


Want more information, tips and advice, FAQs, and background on Robert’s Rules? Pay special attention to pages 3 and 7.