Week of 9.29.15

Delegate Reminders:

Delegate Responsibilities

Delegates are required to come to meetings. Too many unexcused absence and we may report back to department’s graduate coordinator, alerting departments of your absences. Please contact us at gsa@vt.edu ahead of time, and if you are unable to attend (class, lab), you must DESIGNATE A PROXY. If your department has two (2) representatives, the second representative CANNOT serve as your proxy.

Delegates are required to participate in one (1) additional services within the GSA. This requirement can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • being a governance rep,
  • join a committee, and
  • help organize programs/events.

What’s a standing committee?

When we talk about standing committees or working groups, this is an informal group of graduate students that meet periodically to discuss certain issues or topics (e.g., GSA constitutional revisions, parking and transportation) and then reports back to the GSA delegation with the results of their discussions. Depending on the topic or issue, results from standing committees (upon voting) may become formal stances and statements of the GSA delegation.

Serve on GSA Committees!

URGENT: Two opportunities to serve on GSA committees (remember, above? – you are required to participate in one (1) additional service). Please read more about the two committee opportunities and contact the Vice President – Tara Reel (tdreel@vt.edu) or the Executive Board (gsa@vt.edu).

URGENT: Call to join the Special Committee on Inclusion and Diversity Policies

Committee Description:
“To review all existing Graduate School policies’ impact, or lack thereof on inclusion and diversity, and recommend change or new policies to the Graduate School.” Dean Karen DePauw discussed this committee in more detail at the GSA delegate meeting. Students would be reviewing graduate school policies (rather than departmental) for non-inclusive language and policies. Students would report out to the GSA and the GSA would follow-up with formal suggestions on changes.
How to get involved?
Nominate yourself or others!
Friday (October 2nd) at midnight – email gsa@vt.edu with “Inclusive/Diversity Committee” in the subject line.

URGENT: Call to join the Standing Committee on Judicial and Electoral Affairs

Committee Description:
“To review, study, and recommend to the GSA General Assembly potential changes to the GSA Constitution and Bylaws with the goal of the effective and efficient implementation  of the  mission  of the GSA. In additional, to act as the initial jurisdiction of judicial affairs including but not limited to the constitutionality of all GSA activities and removal procedures. Finally, to formulate and oversee procedures of electing the GSA Executive Board officers.”
How to get involved?
Nominate yourself or others!
Friday (October 2nd) at midnight – email gsa@vt.edu with “Judicial Committee” in the subject line.

Wanted: Faculty Senate Liaison

OPEN CALL: The Faculty Senate has asked the GSA to send its own delegate to Faculty Senate meetings. The Faculty Senate is the representative body of faculty at Virginia Tech. Liaisons would be responsible for attending meetings and reporting back to the GSA on any developments concerning the university community. Interested in serving? Contact the Vice President Tara Reel (tdreel@vt.edu) with “Faculty Senate Liaison” in the subject line.


Congratulations to our Administrative Director, Kasey Richardson and our volunteers on a widely successful GSPF. Each year, the GSA hosts and executes the Graduate School and Professional Fair as a fundraiser for the GSA. This year, we raised more money than in any previous year ($36,000) for the GSA to include in our generated funds budget. We had a total of 120 vendors and over 400 undergraduate students in attendance. Congratulations and thank you for such a successful event!


You’re Invited to join Vice President for Student Affairs Patty Perillo and affiliated faculty for an undergraduate student input session centered on Envisioning Virginia Tech: Beyond Boundaries.

President Sands launched this university-wide visioning initiative in pursuit of two goals:

  1. to advance as a global land-grant university, and
  2. to navigate the changing landscape of higher education.

The project focuses on themes including preparing students, the campus of the future, new funding models, and the global land-grant. Student participants will organize in small discussions to address questions central to understanding Virginia Tech’s future. Student members of the Beyond Boundaries committees will facilitate small group discussion. President Sands and Provost Rikakis will be in attendance, and your participation is essential to the process!

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: Owens Banquet Room

Sign up to participate in this event by going to GobblerConnect.
You can RSVP at

Note: Registration is limited. Pizza will be provided.

Until then, participate online through the website and on Twitter @VTBeyond


The GSA is pleased to announce the following individuals serving as our Program Chairs!

Graduate Research Development Program: Hannah Lane

Travel Fund Program (TFP): Omchand Mahdu, Marie Stettler

Research Symposium: Anthony Carno, Yesim Keskin


The Guac Talk with the Dean originally scheduled for October 14th is now RESCHEDULED and will take place on NOVEMBER 4th (Wednesday) from NOON to 1:30 PM in the GLC. More announcements to come!


This past Thursday, the GSA delegation approved the following resolutions:

§  Ratification of 2015-2016 Special Delegates
§  Ratification of 2015-2016 Delegates-at-Large
§  Ratification of 2015-2016 Budget

For more information, we will upload digital copies of the resolutions to the GSA delegate google group forum by this Friday.