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19 thoughts on “SUGGESTION BOX

  1. Hi. I would like to suggest Umbrellas for the 2 stone picnic tables outside. Or either more picnic tables with umbrellas, or some kind of picnic shelter for employees to eat lunch in the shade. Thank you.

  2. In response to the post about ‘employees paying for parking and Internet,’ there are costs incurred to provide, maintain, and update the service. The current university model for funding network/Internet access is to provide departments discretion on what they order and when, as opposed to a ‘utility model’ where fees are paid centrally. Please provide more specific details about the scenario described and a means to communicate with the inquiring person to help us provide a more detailed reply.

    Suggest you contact Parking Services ( with that part of the question.

    • Jeff, if I were your group I would demand a central fund for internet upgrades then and take it out of the hands of the department because ultimately any negative reviews or complaints probably are directed at your group. If I’m going to burden the blame, I’m going to control the process.

      Also I just want to say this is a cool tool. I saw this on the VTnews and thought this suggestion box was a great idea. I came to comment on the internet connections on campus but it appears others have beat me to it.

      • Anon- campus network/funding…
        Regardless of how funding is provided for network services on campus, there will be a limit to those funds. Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S) is constantly providing updates to existing services, installing service in new locations and evaluating how to do all this as efficiently as possible.
        If you have specific locations in mind for new or improved wireless network performance, or you have a sub par experience while connected to an Ethernet connection, please submit a report via or call 540-231-4357. Be sure to provide as much detail as you can (date, time, computing device, O/S, apps in use, etc.), to help us trouble-shoot individual locations.
        Thanks for taking the time to communicate!
        -Jeff Kidd, Public Relations, NI&S

  3. Try giving true 1gigabit service to those that have it, instead of it running 150megabit download. Also the wireless is aweful, in Randolph it is running 1megabit per second for download. The UC conversion should allot better speed for the wireless networks.

  4. Jon… Suggest you provide details associated with your experiences in Randolph Hall by submitting a ticket via Alternatively, you can call it in to 540-231-4357 (ext. 1-4357).

    Details are needed to effectively address your comment about wireless networks: location, time, computing device, O/S, application(s) you’re running, number of people connecting in the vicinity (as best as you can tell). As for above, please submit them to the 4Help team.

    Jeff Kidd
    Public Relations
    Network Infrastructure and Services

  5. I suggest more trash cans be visible outside. I think employees would like an enclosed kitchen/break area. It would also be nice for the department to send flowers when employee have a death in the family (immediate family only).

  6. I think I used the wrong box to submit my suggestion before, but I think my suggestion would make for a good public discussion as well. I think that all of our officers here on campus should have free wireless. It is really a shame that they do not already have readily available wifi access. I think it is both a good idea for safety reasons as well as a good show of support for out officers here on campus.


  7. I think there should be more advancement opportunities for employees. Even if it is just the availability of training like the Customer Service Certification program…that is one I would love to do but could not get funded for.

  8. We as an organization need annual mandatory inclusivity training to promote understanding and respect. I think it is an important part of being a member of the Hokie Community, and in a time where things change rapidly, we should always continue training to make sure we are communicating in the most respectful way possible while also holding ourselves up to the standards of the Principles of Community. There are already great resources on campus like the Safe Zone training as well as training through the office of Multicultural Affairs.

  9. After the Town Hall yesterday I figured I might try and ask my question from March 3 again. I figured I may not have received an answer because my original inquiry was not phrased as a question.

    Would it be possible for our officers here on campus, both for safety reasons and in a good show of support for their service, to have free wireless?

    • We didn’t answer the first time because currently VTPD officers receive wireless/wifi services based on the data bundle that almost all faculty and staff receive. For faculty and staff the cost for a single data port (wired), wifi services (unlimited number of devices) and remote access (VPN) service is $10.00 per month. This cost is highly subsidized already. I agree that police officers are valued members of the university community and are critical to our public safety; however NI&S’s charter is as a cost recovery organization. Offering “free” services conflicts with our university-defined operational and financial model.

      • kiddj,

        Thank you for the response. I would like to follow up on a few points:

        I believe some officers, like some regular f/s people, do not have a phone and or a desk specifically for themselves and do not receive the bundled services you mentioned. Those officers and f/s people, as I understand it, do have the option to purchase wireless service for themselves if their department will not pay for it. Is this correct information?

        As for the cost recovery model – I appreciate you pointing out that free services conflict with the operational/financial model.

        With that in mind, could you speak to the new free short-term guest wireless?

  10. It would be very helpful if our internal directory could include a photo of each person beside their name. There are many new employees in the building and it is increasingly hard to put a name to a face. Thanks!

  11. This morning at the Town Hall it was mentioned that VT is going to have some sort of institution in India.

    What is NI&S’ involvement with Virginia Tech extensions/campuses overseas? Do we provide support (with 2-Factor, password support, wireless, VPN, etc.)? Is there more support we could be providing to the students and F/S overseas?

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