Greetings! Within this site, we will discuss our team’s project for Virginia Tech’s ECE 5554 Computer Vision class under the direction of Dr. Devi Parikh for the fall semester of 2015. Please feel free to leave comments on our findings or on concerns that you may have. This is student based research for a comparative project in facial recognition and limited tracking algorithms. All algorithms and pictures are used with the intention of understanding and presenting the material and are in no way meant to be used as our personal work [links for repositories will be listed in a reference section for all pictures, algorithms, and publications that we may use]. We want to acknowledge for the help provided by Marcus and Josh from our lab for humoring our group during our testing phase and letting us bounce ideas off for coding issues that we received. Also, we want to thank Dr. Devi Parikh and Jiasen Lu for instructing the course, so we could learn this wonderful material and other computer vision methods. We thank you for your interest and hope that you enjoy our findings!

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