Revision Plan (4/15/2014)

Strengths of my draft

The main strength of my draft as I see it right now is that it correctly gets across what I’m trying to do. Both peers that looked at my project figured out very quickly that my project is playing off of the fact that Calvin and Hobbes is not meant to be serious. This is the most important part of my project and as the quality of the video gets better, the message will only get stronger. So, the feeling/layout/effects are all important to keep at this point and just need to be tweaked majorly as I prepare the final draft.

Problematic design choices

The hardest part so far in the design is getting high quality images for all of the scenes I am making. A lot of my resources are from images taken directly from the comic. This means that a lot of the images are very small in dimensions and when blown up to video quality start getting pixelated. So far my video has these original files unedited, but as I am editing the final version, I am placing them on a bigger white backdrop to reduce pixelation and increase the overall quality.

What rhetorical choices seemed out of place

At this stage it doesn’t seem like any are. The audience is clear from the start, the purpose is well defined in the videos presentation, the context is appropriate and the genre is, albeit nontraditional, fitting.

What multimodal elements can I add to strengthen the project

The biggest part need to add to the rest of the project is the music and audio cues. As in any horror movie, audio cues are important to get across the tension and point. I currently have only one and would like to add more to make the project better. Also, music is important and I plan to add more fitting music to the rest of the video.

What are the most important changes I need to consider as I revise

The most important changes I need to consider at this point are the transitions and panning effects. For a 5 minutes video, panning will get very old fast so I need to add in some interesting effects to keep the viewers attention. Everything else in the project seems to be coming together as planned so I don’t think I need to change them necessarily.

Given time and technology, what can be revised by the due date

Given how the project is going so far, I am confident that the project can implement all revisions and finish on time without a problem. I an estimating to be 95% done with the project by this Sunday allowing the final week to be last minute changes that I deem necessary.

Remaining work

The remaining work includes finishing narration, editing in music, editing in sound effect, editing in audio cues and doing last minute photo enhancing where necessary.

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  1. Your plan looks good, as long as binary issues don’t distract you too much. I did enjoy the horror music effects with the clips that you showed me on Tuesday. I can’t wait to see the finished thing.

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