Project 3 Progress Report (4/10/2014)


What I have accomplished:

So far, I have gathered all of my required materials excluding all the music, planned out the layout of the video and started the rough draft. Since starting the rough draft it has concreted my mood and layout for the video. It started as a simple remix of the story and changed since the beginning of the project to be a cheesy horror remix of the same story. I have a solid idea of the direction I want the project to go and am going to make the next push this weekend as you will read in the “still need to do” section. In short, I have kept in line with the class schedule regarding my project so far and am on time so far which is an accomplishment in it’s own regard I guess.

What I still need to do:

As of yesterday, I am all prepared to start putting together the rest of the rough draft since I found my narrator. A friend of mine with a nice deep voice has agreed to help me record the lines. Before that I wasn’t able to move forward very far since the narrator leads the pace of the video. This weekend, the 12th-13th of April, I will be recording all of the narrators voice and piecing together the resources I have so far to fit it. As mentioned before, the music hasn’t all been gathered. This is because it depends on the job of the narrator. If the narration goes as planned and produces the intended mood for the video, I will be able to finally put in the appropriate music. I plan to have most of this stuff done in time for the peer review Tuesday so that I can get feed back. After Tuesday, I will ideally only have revisions and tweaks to do to the project. It should be in a good place by then and well on it’s way to being done.

Questions or Concerns:

Right now, I don’t have any questions. The project has been going pretty smoothly so far and I believe I will be able to finish it on time. My only concern right now is my other classes that all have things due around the week this will be due with the presentation. That’s a more general concern though and really shouldn’t be a problem as long as I get enough done this weekend. I feel pretty confident in my project so far in regards to where it stands so I’ll ask any questions and air any concerns if I get them in the future.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your progress. It sounds as if you on target to finish by the deadline and are working on all the right things. Keep up the effort!

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