Project 3 (4/8/2014)


What I did WHy I did it
Started making the video I started to actually make the video at this point and have 42 seconds of rough draft material finished so far. This includes the intro, title, opening music, credits and the first visual of part one of the video. It is all in rough draft form, but I am trying my best to make the best version first to keep from having to edit several times down the line.
Looked up music for the project Looked up music for the project and have decided that the tone for the video will be a lot heavier that I originally intended. What this means is that the video will probably be darker in theme that planned and the music will be very somber or horror movie esk. There is no one resource for the music I am using since each scene will need different types of music and I need to make a close to final product to find out what will fit for each scene.
Have full digital versions of the comic I now have the entire comic in PDF form so I can pull the material I need from it at will. The quality is in HD which will make editing a bit better in the end hopefully. This means I should now have about 90% of all of the visuals I need for the project. The other 10% will come from changes I make during the project, or visuals that are not of high enough quality in the stuff I already have.
Still locking in the voice changing software I am still trying to figure out which voice changing software I want to use for the video. Most of the software I have downloaded is not good enough or doesn’t provide the features I need for free. I know the sound I am looking for so It should’t be much longer. I have a couple more pieces of software to try the next time I work on the project.

In summation, I have begun working on the rough draft and have most of the visual resources I need for the project now. The rest of my resources, including audio, will come from learning what the project needs as I make it.

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