Project 3 (4/3/2014)

calvin-hobbes-gif-snow-monstersI haven’t done much groundwork since last class, but I have thought out a bit of the storyline.

What I did WHy I did it
Planned out a draft of the storyline for the video. I have had a rough idea of how I wan’t the video to go in my head for a while so I translated it to a storyline that you can find here. This is a work in progress as I make it more detailed as time goes on.
Almost finished intro splash screen The intro image is now almost complete and ready to be put into the video. All I am trying to figure out now is how to add a falling snow effect. Possibly as a GIF feature right now, but I am not sure yet.
Looked up open source music examples for the project. I found several websites that give great open source music samples and audio clips. Haven’t found all of the music I wan’t to use yet, but have found great places to start looking.

I am now ready to start throwing some clips into a video and mock up a rough draft.

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