Project 3 (4/22/2014)


Finished editing the videos base material All 4 major parts of the video are now completely edited for Narration and music. All transitions are set and all visual effects are done. This took another Narration session and most of Saturday to finalize.
Equalized the sound the best I could. I wen’t back through all of my edits and tried to normalize the sound to match better. Now the video is more level across parts in regard to audio.
Finished the main credits I created and finished the credits to the current point the video is finished. By this I mean that I put all of my used resources in the credits and set everything timing wise. Anything else that I add into the project from this point on will get directly recorded into the credits so I can keep track of what I am using from this point on.

In short, I am 95% done with the project now. All I have left is adding in after effects. This includes snow sounds, wind, ice effects and anything else I deem necessary. I expect this to not take long, the hardest part about it is just finding the best open source resources.

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