Project 3 (4/17/2014)


Captured 3/4 of the narration for the video As of right now I have recorded a little over 3/4 of the narration for the video. The first three parts of the video now have full narration and all that’s left is part 4 which I will be doing either tomorrow morning or this weekend. This is important since I now know exactly where the rest of the video stands and how I wan’t the rest to come across in relation to the narration already done.
1/2 of the video is edited Half of the video is now done being edited. It accounts for about 3 minutes of the video and the rest of the parts will hopefully go smoother since I am now comfortable with the process. The builds I have done now act as next to final cuts that can have sound effects added to them as needed later on during post production.
Edited existing pictures for better quality Since last Tuesday I also have done some editing to the photos I have been working with to increase the quality. This includes a lot of using white backgrounds to contrast colors or decease in pixelated images. The images already are looking twice as good which has made a big difference on the cuts I have finished up to this point.

In summation, I am getting closer to finishing the project and only have one more narration session and one more heavy editing session. Once these are completed, I will only have to make final tweaks and changes before being 100% done.

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