Project 3 Blog (4/1/2014)

Since the last post, I have changed my medium of the project. Specifics are below.

What I did WHy I did it
I changed my projects genre and now have set it in stone. My projects new and final choice for genre is a video. I have decided that the webpage would be too much work at this stage of the semester and would probably result in a failed project by the end. So, instead I have decided to do everything I was planning for the webpage, but instead make it a video. This means that the only change is that there will be no interactivity, but all of the original ideas will still be there.
I started organizing my projects workflow and plan for the rest of the semester. My organization spreadsheet can be found here and contains a work in progress organization of what needs to be done and the order/dates I want them to be done by. More will be added as this week goes on, but it should be complete by Monday of next week at the latest.
I have continued making a mockup of the project using Since I was originally going to use froont as the base for my project, it made sense to continue my mockup using it. Everything on the page is a rough draft of the order of frames in the Video I will be making. I have unfortunately been unable to figure out how to share the page yet, but will the moment I figure it out.

As a general summary of what I have done so far, I have my project genre and plan set in stone and am now just planning out the specifics.

Project 3 Blog (3/27/2014)

This post is to give an update on what I have been working on for project 3 since Tuesday.

What I did WHy I did it
Decided on the exact story to remix After much though, I have decided to do Attack of the Mutant Snowmen for the Calvin and Hobbes remix. It took me a while to finally choose, but it seems like the most fun of all of them. It also seems to be one of the most popular ones so there are a lot of resources I can pull from.
Started making the welcome screen The cover of the book that contains the short story I am doing has Calvin and Hobbes hiding behind a tree as a deranged mutant snow goon passes by. I found a picture of this placed against a real life background image that will serve as my title to the remix. It’s simply a realistic version of the same cover with text that I added in myself.
I thought about a possible fall back plan If for any reason the interactive webpage is too hard to code and finish on time, I plan to turn the resources I make into a video. This will be a good fall back plan so I know I will be able to finish the project on time. The video will also encompass all of the ideas I want to emphasize including audio, text, and basic animations.

So, to sum everything up, I have chosen to do Attack of the Mutant Snowmen for my story remix and now am set to start making drafts.


Project 3 Blog (3/25/2014)

This post is to give an update on what I have been working on for project 3.

What I did WHy I did it
Messed around with ideas on the narrative. After thinking about the project for a while, I believe I want to add an audio narrative. As the user scrolls through the page, music, sounds and the narrator will provide explanation for what is going on and why it is happening. Since my voice is not the best for narrative endeavors, I am throwing around the idea of using voice synthesizing software to change my voice to sound deeper. This way it would sound like a narrator and I would be able to control the mood of the project more.
Started building the page a bit. Alongside all of the research I have been doing to figure out what I want for the project, I decided to start messing around with making the webpage. Using froont, I have made a new project and am in the super early stages of thinking about ideas and how I want it laid out. There is nothing to show for it yet, but I am at least trying to see what my options are instead of just thinking about them.
Considering my options for using new types of images So far my idea for the project is to use actual Calvin and Hobbes images then super impose them into the scenes I want. Now I’m starting to play around with the idea of using different representations for them. Such as super realistic artist representations or even sketch versions that still bring the idea across. I posted below an idea of what I mean.

I still haven’t decided 100% on a specific story yet, but I am heavily leaning towards Attack of the Mutant Snowmen. It’s not only appropriate given the weather we have been having, but it has many different parts to its narrative that would allow for more options than the other stories I have been considering.


Project 3 Blog 3/20/2014

This post is to give an update on what I have been working on for project 3 as of 3/20/2014.


What I did WHy I did it
Found 3 credible sources for my project The first source I found is 3 Calving and Hobbes Books. Each of them are a collection of the comics of Calvin and Hobbes released by the Creator Bill Watterson himself so it’s the direct source and very credible. These are physical copies so I have no link to them. The second source is an animation made by a fan of the comics. Here is a link to it. The creator is animator Adam Brown who is a professional animator that has worked on many television cartoons. Here is a link to his animation reel showing some of the big projects he has worked on. I believe this gives him a lot of credibility in making an animated representation of the cartoon. The third source is actually a collection of short stories (found here) made by a community of people. The specific example I will link to here is a short story of Calvin being baby sat by Rosalyn. Even though the writer isn’t a professional in the field of writing, he leaves a disclaimer at the bottom of the page explaining why he wrote it and his love for the comic strip as a child and adult. I believe this gives credibility to the source since it is a fan that truly was touched by the comic and felt strongly enough to make his own short story about the material. This makes it a credible source in my eyes since they are not seeking anything for their work also adhere to the theme and style of the characters as well, but in pure written form.
Looked around for resources and materials I can use When looking for resources, I mainly found hundred and hundreds of pictures and gifs that I can use. The amount of material pulled from the comics and peoples minds is incredible so I plan to use a mix of pulled resources online as I need them. Since I haven’t chosen exactly what story I wan’t to do yet of Calvin and Hobbes, I haven’t linked to any specific resource. So, I instead am just collecting them in a google docs page for reference later. Here is a link to that page. Also, my first credible source, the Calvin and Hobbes books, are also a big resource for me. I plan to possibly scan some pages in and do some photo editing to make them animations and gifs for the project.

After looking up sources for Calvin and Hobbes, I feel that I can add a literary take on the subject as well. So in addition to making it an interactive webpage as I plan to do, I can add narrative to the story that isn’t explained in the comics. This will allow a lot of creative freedom to make the story a retelling in my own eyes and not just the eyes of Bill Watterson the creator.

Project 3 Blog for 03/18/2014

This post is to give an update on what I have been working on for project 3.

What I did WHy I did it
I chose to do a responsive comic for Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic of all time and I believe it would be a lot of fun to try and bring it to life in one form or another. I haven’t completely decided on which one I wan’t to recreate, but I am thinking of focusing on one of the snowman battles or day dreaming mars stories. Another great thing about Calvin and Hobbes is that its only medium currently is comics. No sound or animation so trying to realize the comics on my own could be a lot of fun.
I decided to go with an interactive webpage for the medium of the story remix. The reason I chose this is because there are endless possibilities for creativity. Also, since I have a coding background, I thought I would be able to possibly add extra pzazz. I’m thinking of putting sound clips, basic animations, and input based reactions a.k.a mouse movement and page scrolling to interact. The medium I plan to use to start this is and the rest would be hand coded/pre-formatted.
I considered other serious topics such as WWII and the book Snow Crash WWII is such a rich topic for stories and emotional visuals. I decided it wouldn’t be creative enough though. The other idea I considered was recreating parts of Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. It’s futuristic look at the world, but there aren’t a lot of easy ideas to create off of. Also, the book is not big so not many people would understand what I would create anyway.
Shopped around for good creative mediums  I looked around at some of the software reviewed by other students in the class and also for other things online. There wasn’t much that really spoke to me for making a project. Froont I see as a good starting point, but I wanted to find more. So far I haven’t seen anything that pops out. I plan to keep looking though.

Even though I have chosen my topic and my formatting, I am not sure how feasible the idea is going to be given the time constraints. In other words, I am not sure if there is going to be too much coding or not since this is not my normal area of programming. Regardless, I though it would be more fun and quite the learning experience so I decided for it anyway. As the saying goes, nothing great comes easy.


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