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Project 3 Revision Plan

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After working on Project 3 and making my final version I am very happy with the results, but there are several things I would definitely do to revise it if I had the time.


First off, the strength of my current project I believe is the direction and mood created by it. The overall direction and theme is exactly what I was aiming for since the beginning of the project. There are however several weaknesses that deserve a second pass. The first is the audio mixing throughout the entire project and the second is the Second act/Chase scene. Below is my revision plan for each weakness and details on how I would turn them into strengths.

Audio Revision

After finishing the project and turning it in, I quickly realized that my computer speakers are very powerful and didn’t reflect the average speakers on other computers. That resulted in the video sounding great on my computer, but much quieter on most others. This is a big problem, but thankfully fairly easy to fix given a couple hours of work and a good audio editor.

For audio editing I would remix all audio and normalize the levels. This means mastering all files and normalizing the audio so that the levels are appropriate to each other. So, I would set the sound effects to be slightly louder than all music in the video and the narration to be slightly louder then the sound effects in the video. This will appropriately give emphasis to the narration and allow the dialogue to be focused on first and foremost. Then the effects sounds will be audible above music in scenes such as the chase scene in act 2. For this step I would find and use a Mac for the audio. They have a large audio suite built into the OS that would be useful. The windows solutions are overly complicated and less powerful in the free versions. I would then test the audio on several different computers and raise or lower the videos final mixed volume as needed.

Also, given more time, I would re-record the narration with a better microphone so the sound is crisper. There are several sections of the video that the narration is hard to hear such as at 1:08 when the word ‘Frankenstein’ is almost lost in the other audio. As it currently stands, the audio is very quiet in the video due to the mixing that Windows Movie Maker automatically does. Thus by normalizing the volume and increasing the quality, I believe the video would almost double in quality and professionalism.

Since I still have all of the original/edited audio clips, this will be an easy thing to change once the semester is over and I have ample time.

Act 2 Revision

The next part that I would change is the second act. This is the part that starts with Calvin and Hobbes being chased and ends with Calvin getting hit with the barrage of snow balls. This is my least favorite part and one that I would partially revise.

First off, some of the dialogue is a little stilted. The two lines I would change are “It took Calvin only a moment to realize what was happening” and “Calvin ran from the tree to go build and armory elsewhere”. The first line is just unnecessary. With the high temp music in the background, it slows down the action for a second and feels like a lull in the video. So, I would remove the line and instead link the line before it to the one after. This would remove the image of Calvin during the line as well. The new transition would be “He began to build something… (pause for effect) we was creating an army of his own!”. The second line I have a problem with for the same reason. It just feels forced into the video unnaturally. It also doesn’t mention Hobbes which is supposed to be standing right next to Calvin at the tree. Something has to be there to transition the parts of the scene, but the current line doesn’t fit the feeling of the video. The new second line would be “Calvin and Hobbes darted from the tree to begin building a defense”.

The next part about the second act I would add is a sound effect for the snow ball barrage hitting Calvin. There is no audio and it seems out of place given whats going on. So, for this I would edit together snowball sound effects and create the sound manually. This way I could build an appropriate sound instead of settling for whats already given.

The final thing I would change is the music. Or I would at least use two separate songs. The first 30 seconds is great, but after that the video changes speed and the music becomes too high energy since they aren’t being chased anymore. For this I would find a second music clip and splice it together with the first so it starts at around the 2:39 mark. This would be difficult to do since it would have to fit well with the first clip, but if done right it would fit the change of pace of the act better.

Final Comments

The above two mention sections are the only parts I would revise. The added audio quality and mixing will increase quality of the rest of the sections which I am already very happy with as it is. Also, by changing the second act a bit I believe the video will flow a bit better from act 1 to act 3. These revisions are fairly involved, but mainly because of the time it would take and not the difficulty they present.

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