My name is Christopher Wood and I am a Computer Science student at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia. I am an avid programmer and music addict. I made this site for two purposes. The first and foremost is to act as a gateway for all of my work in my “Writing and Digital Media” class (ENGL 3844). This class is focused on making multimodal projects and is the purpose of this WordPress blog. The second reasons is to act as a medium for me to channel my passion for heavy metal music. I have many passions and hobbies in life, but no single one is as consuming as music. I have been playing guitar for approximately 10 years now and listen to music more than 5 hours a day. I wake up to it, breath it and mold my interactions with it.

I hope to use this site to post my favorite up and coming artists, tours and singles as well as blog about my favorite artists and what they are currently doing. Open discussions are welcome and appreciated so if there is a song you like that I post please don’t hesitate to let me know or even leave a suggestion of your own. Music is as much a personal experience as it is a group experience.

Here is a cover I did of “A Grey So Dark” by Trivium back in high school that can help give you an idea of who I am as a musician.


Contact me at e-mail: cmw2379@vt.edu

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