• Writing in response to two essays by Brenda Laurel

    Any discussion of theory has me looking for competing theories and seeing how they function in the same context as the specified theory. In this case Aristotelian drama immediately calls to my mind comparisons with Frazer’s and Campbell’s theories, centered on the hero and their actions, in stark contrast to the gestalt families of dramatic […]

  • Reflecting on the Dynabook

    I wanted to offer a couple of observations on the discussion topic for this week’s New Media Seminar, Personal Dynamic Media by Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg. The most striking thing about these early discussions of computer technology, in this case about personal computers and applications, is how prophetic they have proved to be. In […]

  • The Build LAB has been moving at break neck pace through the Fall and Spring terms. A couple of highlights include a new research project headed by Rohin Lahoria looking at CNC manufacturing of structural building components. That project will include a join industry/academic meeting April to include workshops, demonstrations, and general knowledge exchange. Very […]

  • Build LAB will be at Maker Faire New York 2013!

    Build LAB will be represented at Maker Faire New York 2013 by a presentation outlining the LAB’s mission, purpose, and capabilities. The Faire will be September 21st and 22nd at the Hall of Science in New York. We’ll be bringing a group of interested students to the Faire as well. This will be great exposure for […]

  • At the invitation of graduate student Khris Beagley this morning I had the pleasure of watching the testing of some novel composite lumber samples at the Brooks Center, part of the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials. The sample in the photo finally failed at 39k lbs. Khris’s research is working on developing the engineering data to […]