“Boys with Toys”

While watching¬†Douglas Engelbart’s, ‘The Mother of All Demos‘ (1968), I flashbacked to 1981, when, as a Sophomore in high school, I attended a family friend’s college course (he was a professor in electrical engineering at UW-Milwaukee) on Fortran¬†(a programming language). The thrill I experienced creating code, which caused the computer to do <x>, ingrained deeply enough in my psyche that I still feel the excitement today. Watching Douglas smile softly while he manipulated the code told me he was experiencing the same thrill.

How much was the creation of computing driven by the joy/thrill of power and control?

One thought on ““Boys with Toys”

  1. Good question! As a species we certainly have a strong track record of taking control and extending it in whatever ways seem most advantageous at the time. It’s interesting though that in the case of computing, the quest for control / mastery inspired a series related projects driven by curiosity, creativity, and imagination. I love Englebart’s smile as well – it seems almost sly.

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